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ASTE double-blade devices can be used in dryer and wet part on the paper machine to ensure its safe operation. It can be divided into motor swing and air swing.
Characteristics: vacuum couch roll use the double doctor blades. It can erase the water, small fibre and dirt of the hole, then the dryness of wet paper can be improve 1.5%-2.0% on couch roll, equal to the dryness of wet paper improved 1% on press section, saving air to dry 3%-4%. The investment of double doctor blades can be taken back within 2-3 months.  It plays a tremendous effect to improve water uniformity and reduce the water into the press section.
A. Improve water uniformity and reduce the water into the press section after installed the vacuum couch roll.
B. The water of return to the wire part can be reduced so as to improve the character.
C. The special form of the doctor blade can produce negative pressure on the back of blade, then suck out moisture and dirt of roll holes, reduce the mesh clogging and improve the life of roll.
D. The water phenomenon and water mist around of vacuum couch roll are resolved.
E. According to information provided by the client, the weight of paper are improved and unit weight becomes stable. Play a good result in terms of product quality and cut costs.
1. Vacuum suction roll uses the double-blade, also helps in removing the water, felt fur and other debris of hole. Contribute to the felt cleaning; improve the dehydration efficiency and the dryness of wet paper. At the same time it owns the following characteristics:
A. Can prevent the vacuum mesh plug, increase the vacuum water absorption.
B. The effect will be better after installing needle-spray swing on the roll.
C. Needle spray can spray water on the roller, squeegee the water through discharging tray, can effectively prevent the drainage problems caused by spray.
It is necessary to adopt double-blade on press stone roll. It will affect the paper production once the first blade (also known as the main blade) contact is not tight and the dirt leaks or accumulation of dirt fall off of the back of blade. When equipped with a second blade (also known as the Vice-blade), which can intercept the dirt which left by first blade, we can avoid breakage and paper disease. In addition, in normal operation, the first blade of press stone roll brings much more soft flocks, dirt and accumulation of dirt on back of blade when scrape, therefore, leakage and drop can not be completely avoid, so we need clean timely. But when we clean up of the first blade, the second bladeare still on working to ensure the paper quality with a normal production.
A. Adoption of double-blade on press section, paper break is greatly reduced.
B. No.1 blade uses the refined holderto ensure stable effect of cleaning dirt and asphalt.
C. Plus 10L/m spray water on the cutting edge of blade, to get better effect. It can achieve a fully clean effect when plus spray water after back of No.1 blade.
It usually adopt mobile double-blade in No.1 dryer of the dry part, and the last dryer of the after-dry part, which can remove the dangerous operation when cleaning the dryer surface. In addition,
On the full width of roller surface, automatically clean, can prevent the hard dirt stick to the dryer effectively.
Can provide the line pressure (300-400N/m) which be used to remove hard dirt of the dryer surface, and will not damage the dryer surface.
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