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Asian Sage®Dewatering elements system
Specialized in supplying, designing and producing dewatering elements for a wide variety of paper machines. These dewatering elements can be entirely made of precise ceramic and enhanced UHMW-PE, also can be made of composite material. Different levels of precise ceramic or enhanced UHMW-PE can be used as dewatering elements of different production equipments. The company can provide suitable products according to the different requirements of the machine producer; also can provide special products according to the requirements of the particular user. The company provides products including complex suction tanks and spare parts made of high-grade stainless steel.
Asian Sage®TTC, Asian Sage®--LUV
The longest piece can be up to 14.5meters, without joints.
Asian Sage®-TTC(UHMW-PE)
Sintered of ultrahigh molecular polyethylene with lubricant
 Longer service life:  50% longer than domestic ultrahigh molecular polyethylene material.
 Low friction
Protect forming nets and coarse calico to the greatest degree
Good smoothness
Resistant to hydrolysis and chemicals
Excellent uniformity and minimal internal stress
Do not easy to become brittle in steam
Can flexibly design according to customers’ requirements
Asian Sage®-LUV (Enhanced UHMW-PE)
Sintered of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and special additives of lubricant, coupling agent, UV, WZ etc.
The better wear-resistance of improved Asian Sage® -LUV than Asian Sage®-TTC ensures the longer use life of sealing elements.
Containing high temperature silicone oil, Asian Sage®-LUV can reduce the lubricating water greatly; at the same time ensure no influence on the run function and the same running time as the original. Asian Sage®-LUV is self-lubricated.
The running performance of Asian Sage®-LUV compared with Asian Sage®-TTC fully shows the superiority of the silicone oil.
Asian Sage®- precise ceramic dewatering element system
All raw materials are imported from Germany and United States.
Unique dovetail lock mode
The largest ceramic effective thickness (6-7mm)
Excellent adhesive with high chemical corrosion resistance.
The roughness of surface of aluminium oxide ceramics can ensure less than 0.3mm and silicon nitride less than 0.1mm.
Protect the forming nets and press cloth to the greatest degree.
Asian Sage®--ALOX(99.7%Al2O3)

Advantages: the highest thermal vibration resistant, the longest life of forming nets, low friction coefficient, high wear-resistance
Application: apply as dewatering panel of the whole nets at machine speed of 800m/min, and the water scraping plate at machine speed of 1200m/min.

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