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EP doctor blades system
For the paper machine department, EP products showing particularly high wear resistance, low friction coefficient and excellent scrape effect. In all parts of whole machine it plays an important role, improve production efficiency, and improve paper quality.   
the sinter pressing process to relieve internal structure stress
 14.5 meter-long workpiece without welds 
High precision thanks to CNC machines  
 Flexibility- Fulfillment of all customer requirements 
We can make your paper-making equipment more efficient, paper more stable. Reasons to choose the materials:
According to different use parts or different rolls materials, you can choose different materials of EP doctor blades, with lower friction coefficient.
Long life: Choose high-quality EP synthetic resin material, carbon fiber, polymer materials and advanced production technology worldwide, 50% longer than domestic material.
Low thermal expansion coefficient, long time sintering laminated, excellent uniformity and the internal stress-relieved.
Excellent gliding property can greatly protect equipments operating.
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