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About the Craft Pipeline
● FRP Craft Pipeline enjoys honor of “Outstanding Saving Energy” for its characteristic, n≤ 0.084.
● With the smooth inner wall, it has less loss of the fluid transmission pressure. So we can choose smaller diameter pipeline or smaller power pump facing the same flowing volume.
● When it is used in long distance transmission, the large diameter pipeline can reduce the charges of installation and heat preservation, and can cancel charges of anti-corrosion and maintenance.
● In the freezing medium, craft pipeline will not be frost crack.
● Corrosion resistance: We choose different types of pipe lines according to the requirements of the medium.
● Pressure resistance: We design and manufacture pipeline and pipe fittings according to the pressure requirement of techniques. And take the pressure test at 1.5 times of the technical required pressure.
● Heat resistance: -70 ℃Min to 250 ℃ Max.  
● No poison: Can transport drinking water.

● Good insulation feature. And the improved one can eliminate static electricity
● Good burning performance. And the improved one can self-extinguish, anti-burn and non-burn;
● Transparent. And the improved one is colorful;
● Good heat insulation performance. And the improved one can improve the heat conduction ability.
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