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Main Fields
The company has a staff of 296 members, including 36 senior engineers, 121 engineers, and 25 professional quality inspectors.

The company congregates scientific research, development, production, engineering design, technique consult and sales.

Its products cover three main fields:

Paper-making Machine Fittings, including EP blade, ASTE blade holders, dewatering box fittings, YS cleaner and headbox flowing sheets.

● Super Large-sized Boards, including laminated carbon fiber board and insulation board, and molded UHMW-PE
● General FRP Products, including FRP ppe, FRP fans, FRP container and FRP cooling tower.

The company has 168 sets of equipments including the largest and most advanced hydraulic molding equipment in Asia to produce the high strength FRP boards, the micro control FRP tube container production line and the digital control FRP pultrusion production line. It also has complete and advanced quality check equipments. Its products cover the large-sized and medium-sized national paper mills, and are exported to USA, Finland, Germany, India, Thailand and other dozen of countries.
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